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1. What are the below symbols on the ruler called?


2. In order to change the colour of the text; that text must be selected first.


3. Files that help you create new documents consistently so as to increase your productivity are called ____.


4. It is not possible to have different headers or footers throughout your document.


5. When saving a document to a new location; which option would you choose?


6. A _____is similar to a placeholder in that it will contain information that may change in the document.


7. Which option is used to move text?


8. How do you remove a row from a table?


9. When you justify text, that means:


10. Which would you click below to change a piece of text’s font?


11. What is a footer?


12. How would you create a numbered list?


13. What do the below buttons allow?


14. If you accidently delete some text, how would you bring it back


15. What are Tab Stops used for?


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