ExecuTrain is committed to positive transformations through the delivery of new skills that enhance the performance of your workforce, your company, our country.

As part of this endeavour, we provide comprehensive learnership programs that are designed to help upskill individuals in your company in a way that is tailored to the needs and challenges faced by your business climate.

These are structured learning programs that let your workforce spend time learning theoretical and practical skills in the workplace over a course of six months in the class, and six months getting practical experience.

All training received through these learnership programs are accredited, allowing you to claim the full cost of the program as part of corporate social responsibility initiatives.


These learnership programs are more than just about achieving BBBE status for your business but are focused on the delivery of critical skills to the best degree.

To ensure the integrity and value of these courses, ExecuTrain offers a full consultancy service around learnerships, ensuring that your organisation is training the right people on the right skills, that you are getting the best return for your learnerships, and that everyone involved receives maximum benefit.


Executrain can roll out any of the below learnerships for your organisation. If you are an indivdual who wishes to be part of a learnership programme, then email us:

  1. Your name
  2. The learnership programme you are interested in
  3. Your Matric Certificate
  4. Any other Post Matric certifications/diplomas or degrees
  5. A copy of ID
  6. How are they going to be paying for the Learnership?



NC: IT: End User Computing | NQF Level 2




National Certificate: Contact Centre Support | NQF Level 3




National Certificate: Business Administration Services | NQF Level 3




Further Education and Training Certificate: Generic Management | NQF Level 3




National Certificate: Organizational Transformation and Change Management | NQF Level 5




FETC: IT: Technical Support | NQF Level 5




NC: IT: Systems Development | NQF Level 5




NC: IT: System Support | NQF Level 5


We believe in learnerships and the value that they can have to learners, companies and the growth of our country. We also believe that learnerships are not simply a way for companies to improve their BBBE status, but are about providing excellent, high-quality, necessary training and the related work experiences to qualified candidates.

Because of this, Executrain plays an integral role in the rollout of learnerships for the entire duration of the programme, ensuring that not only are the learners given the best possible training, but that the organisations supporting them are provided with all the tools required to best mentor and support the learners.

Executrain offers a full consultancy service around learnerships, ensuring that your organisation is training the right people on the right skills, that you are getting the best return for your learnerships and that everyone involved receives maximum benefit. Please call usto discuss how learnerships can benefit your organisation.

What is a learnership?

A learnership is a structured learning programme during which the learner spends some time learning theory and some time learning practical skills in the workplace. Usually this is split six months of classroom time and six months of practical experience It leads to a qualification registered on the National Qualifications Framework. Such a qualification is designed to provide not only technical and work-specific skills, but life skills such as communication and teamwork. Before the programme is implemented, a contract is drawn up by the employer, the learner and an accredited skills development training provider. Each agrees to specific conditions and the contract protects all parties for the duration of the programme The skills cap of a maximum of 15% of total skills spend allowed to come from informal training & informal work based training drives the focus of this huge skills spend toward certified training more significantly, which is strongly supported by amendments in the Skills Act toward certified skill training. Hence for companies to maximize the claim back on their skills Levy and to maximize the claim on their B-BBEE scorecard, the training needs to be certified (Accredited).

Executrain Training and Development is Accredited

By partnering with ExecuTrain,  you will receive accredited programmes that will allow you to claim the full cost of the training programme, as opposed to a non-accredited programme through a non-accredited provider. ExecuTrain strives to make employees more effective at their jobs by customising curricula to each company’s culture, structure and learning style. Subject matter offerings are broad enough for any size company or subject. ExecuTrain exists to help business people learn and apply gained knowledge to their individual situation.