“You cannot push anyone up a ladder unless he is willing to climb it himself” – Andrew Carnegie

When you create an environment of learning, employee commitment and self-worth soars!  Let us work with you to develop a programme to “jump start” your employees on the road to business success.

 Our Jump Start Workshops have been designed to create the foundation of improving employee performance and employee retention.  The modular format of these business workshops, stemming from a wide range of topics allows for clients’ specific needs to be catered for.  These workshops range from Work Readiness programmes to leadership development and the success of each programme comes from ensuring that the facilitator and the organisation are in synch as to the desired outcome of the programme.

The short, punchy modules allow for fewer long-winded theories and philosophies and more proven strategies and techniques! 

Jump-Start HR Effectiveness (9 Days) ENQUIRE
Jump-Start Successful Leadership (17 Days) ENQUIRE
Jump-Start Work-Life Skills Programme (9 Days) ENQUIRE
Jump-Start Workplace Effectiveness (13 Days) ENQUIRE
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