Executrain has over 1,000 business skills courses to offer that cover all skills levels and business topics.


The modern business world is a fast-paced one that is rife with opportunities for those who are prepared to take them. Here at ExecuTrain we aim to ensure that you have what you need to seize professional opportunities thanks to our offers on comprehensive business and computer skills training courses.

With ExecuTrain you can outfit yourself with critical professional skills that raise your value and ability in the workplace. We give you the tools you need to build a successful and sustainable career, enjoy consistent personal growth, and take charge of your livelihood.

We offer two categories of courses, including computer skills and business skills that range from fundamental skills to in-depth business management and resolution skills.

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We offer a comprehensive range of fundamental and specialised courses for business skills that aim to outfit participants with a comprehensive set of powerful professional skills in the workplace.

These courses include anger management, sales, business ethics, adapting to changes, performance reviews, conflict resolution, customer service, and much more.

Public courses

If there are only a few people in your organisation who need training, or if you just want to improve your own skills, then sign up for one of our public business skills courses. Our groups are small, led by experts and ideal for stepping your business skills up to the next level.

Private courses

We offer a number of business skills courses for groups, usually from one organisation. We can hold them on any day and either at your venue or ours.

Because these business skills courses are run just for you, we can personalise the content to meet your specific needs.

Call us and discuss your business skills course needs. Below is a sample of our more popular business skills courses.

Details on our business skills courses

Computer Skills

Want to up your software game? We’ve got you covered…

ExecuTrain has a team of fully-certified Microsoft trainers and all our Office-based computer skills courses are aligned to NQF standards. In addition to this, ExecuTrain’s venue is a certified Certiport assessment venue.

Learn the fundamentals of working with key Microsoft products including Windows and the entire Microsoft Office suite. Our computer skills training courses are delivered by verified Microsoft trainers and are aligned with NQF standards.

Details about our computer skills training courses

Test Your Skills

Before choosing a course, it is a good idea to find out how much you already know. That way, you can ensure that you don’t choose a course that is either to hard or to easy.

And, if you’re unsure even after taking the test, get in touch, we’d be happy to help.



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