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1. I haven’t been on my Outlook for a few weeks. What is the quickest method to view emails with attached items in one location?


2. Which add on would I have to install to read restricted emails?


3. When assigned a Task; what are you unable to do with the Task?


4. Where do we select to find emails that have just been received?


5. What does the Mail merge feature allow you to do?


6. I have a weekly message I send to my department; what is the easiest way to select my recipients?


7. I want to send my Calendar as an attachment with my calendar attachments; what do I need to do?


8. Which Feature is part of Email Management?


9. How would you see your Managers Calendar on your Calendar pane as well as any adjustments that might happen?


10. What recipients are populated into the Global Address List?


11. When we create a new message; why would I use the BCC option?


12. What is the primary difference between attaching a file and attaching an item?


13. I have a client in America; How do I populate His time zone onto my Calendar?


14. I constantly receive spam from a particular recipient; what should I Do?


15. I flag a message for follow up; what happens to the follow up if I delete the message?


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