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1. What is a name reference not used for?


2. Using Formula auditing, which button will show where a formula got its numbers from?


3. How do you enable the circled feature?


4. Which example of a named reference is correct?


5. What does a hyperlink not do?


6. What does Sheet3! Indicate in a formula?


7. Which option is used to add numbers onto a chart indicating the figure of a column?


8. Using Formula auditing, which button will show if a number is needed by other cells?


9. How would you protect the content of cells whilst allowing the user to change specific area’s?


10. What is the general use of a line graph?


11. How would you format cells based on certain conditions that must be met?


12. What is a Sparkline?


13. Which button will allow you to add the figures onto a chart:


14. Define a template


15. Can you change the background of the plot area of a chart?


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