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“Mindful leadership keeps you cool and energetic in any situation, so that you can make the best possible decisions.” – Amit Ray


Executive Mindfulness retreat (3 days, 2 nights)

Executrain invites senior managers and executives, and individuals in charge of corporate wellbeing, to attend our 3-day mindfulness retreat in the beautiful hills just outside Knysna.

The retreat has been carefully crafted to show individuals the power of mindfulness for the individual, but most importantly, for the benefit of the organisation, providing tools for enhanced performance, leadership, wellbeing and resilience. Coaching and workshops integrate scientifically proven practices, psychology, mindfulness and creativity to support individuals and organisations in learning how to harness the power of their minds for better living and working.

Participants will learn:
• Skills for developing more focussed attention and enhanced productivity
• A enhanced capacity to manage problems in the face of change
• Mindful techniques to develop greater emotional and physical resilience
• Skills to recognise unhelpful patterns in the workplace and manage more effectively • Mindful work techniques which bring mindfulness to everything you do in the workplace: emails, meetings, and communication
• Improved stress management with greater engagement at work
• How mindfulness has been supported by science to transform the brain for optimal performance



We strongly believe that to maximise the benefits of the training and to get a clear insight into
the power of mindfulness and what it can do for your organisation, an immersive experience in a peaceful setting, removed from both the work and home space is needed. This is not just a time to learn about mindfulness, but a time to live it.



Executrain has opened a luxurious corporate wellness centre, Vala House, just outside Knysna.
The centre is designed to enhance the mindfulness experience and provide a space for participants to both learn all the science and theory of mindfulness, while fully experiencing the power of mindfulness first hand.
Set on the edges of the Knysna forest and surrounded by farmlands, Vala House is the ideal location for a retreat of this nature and to soak up the art of being present.



Day 1

2pm – Welcome and orientation

4pm – Introduction to Mindfulness

6pm – Yoga/spare time/forest walk

7:30pm – Dinner

8:30pm – Meditation

Day 2

6am – Yoga/spare time

7am – Meditation

7:30am – Breakfast

9am – Session 1

11am – Break

11:15 – Session 2

12:30 – Lunch

2pm – Session 3

4pm – Practical

6pm – Yoga/spare time/forest walk

7:30pm – Dinner

8:30pm – Meditation

Day 3

6:30am – Yoga on the beach/ beach walk

7:30am – Meditation on the beach

8:30am – Breakfast

9:30am – Session 4 and practical

12:30 – Lunch

2pm – Session 5

4pm – Depart



Mindfulness and meditation are powerful tools that can help us upgrade our inner technology – the mind – to keep up with the demands of our increasingly complex world.

Just like our bodies, our minds need training to function at their best. Mindfulness is a form of mental training that supports the mind to be more focussed, clear and effective and has been proven to be a powerful practice in effectively managing stress and creating optimal wellbeing.

Mindfulness training has now been implemented in many different sectors, including schools, hospitals, corporations, and government. There is compelling evidence supporting the fact that mindfulness meditation, when practiced regularly, can lead to:

  • Structural changes in the brain associated with enhanced mental performance
  • Reduced stress and its negative impact on the body and mind
  • Improved physical and mental well-being
  • Reduced genetic ageing through its protective impact on gene expression
  • Increased happiness
  • Enhanced immune function
  • Enhanced problem solving
  • Better attention, memory
  • Increased work & life satisfaction
  • Better relationship quality
  • Superior creativity and innovation
  • Improved health
  • More happiness and compassion

By implementing mindfulness meditation programmes in the workplace, business leaders and employees may more effectively manage stress, maintain greater focus, boost overall health, enhance cognitive performance and improve interpersonal relationships. Mindfulness is a relational practice: It’s a way to reframe our relationship to stress, burnout, anxiety, interpersonal conflict and other challenges at work. One common definition of mindfulness describes paying attention in a particular way, with moment-to-moment, nonjudgmental awareness.

This retreat will leave participants inspired by the recent science and equipped to bring mindfulness techniques into work and life for greater effectiveness. We explore the science of stress and teach some powerful mindfulness practices that can help to manage stress more effectively. Participants will leave with practices to support greater focus, enhanced communication skills and ability to manage difficult relationships and emotions (ie. Enhanced emotional intelligence).



The cost of Executrain’s Corporate Mindfulness retreat, including all training, coaching, meals, snacks, drinks, airport transfers and material, is R9,800.00. Retreats are limited to 6 people and special rates apply for bookings of more than two. Retreats can begin on any day of the week.



To book the retreat, or for more information, please call Executrain on 011 268-2360 or email For detailed information, please call Peter on 082 574 3198.