Training for South Africa’s women leaders

At ExecuTrain, we know that the future is dependent on empowering women. We also know that our women leaders require bespoke leadership training that identifies the very real hinderances facing potential women leaders.

Sadly, due to the long history of patriarchical systems, women have not been socialized to compete successfully in the world of men, and so they must be taught the skills that their male counterparts have acquired as a matter of course. This means stripping down course basics and redressing them to an audience who have previously not been adequately prepared to receive them.

But the designing of course content specifically for women is only part of the challenge, we also need to addresses the organizational realities that women face and foster in them a sustained capacity for leadership. This is done by delivering specific content to women in a specific manner. Women learn differently to men and their knowledge processing requires an altogether different didactical approach.

Because of this, ExecuTrain has developed a range of women-only courses that offer a framework for women’s leadership development grounded in theories of both gender and leadership. Recognizing that a successful leadership programme is more than the sum of its parts, we offer three design principles that we believe should undergird any leadership programme designed for women:

  1. Situate topics and tools in an analysis of second generation gender bias,
  2. Create a holding environment to support women’s identity work, and
  3. Anchor participants on their leadership purpose.

We strongly believe that corporate spaces, as well as our society, will be more successful through the empowerment of our women.

To find out more about our women-only leadership training, and how it can transform your business, please call Anne Copland on 011 268 2360