Microsoft Word – Intermediate

Quiz to test your word skills – Intermediate

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1. When saving a template; how can you be sure that the user using the template will have access to the Styles you have created?


2. What is a Section Break used for?


3. Metadata properties must be filled in by a document management server in order to be used by Word’s content placeholders.


4. What kind of Section Break starts the new section on the next available odd page?


5. When restricting the Editing ability in a document, which of the following cannot be controlled?


6. How can text be converted into a table?


7. Can Track Changes be switched off?


8. What is a Quick Part?


9. What does Track Changes actually track?


10. You cannot create your own Footers and Headers which can be inserted from the Headers and Footers buttons.


11. What is a Style?


12. If a Section Break is removed, what will change about your document?


13. How is a Style saved?


14. You are creating a process flow diagram using SmartArt. You require another shape to be inserted below your selected parent shape. How do you get this done?


15. By changing the language option in your Word settings, you will automatically change the language settings for your dictionary when checking a document.


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