Microsoft Word – Advanced

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1. Which of the following is NOT available as a type of source for a citation?


2. Where can the insertion; deletion and creation of sub-documents be controlled?


3. What type of reference is used to create a Table of Figures?


4. Where are Form Field controlsĀ found?


5. To migrate Styles between documents, which process would you use?


6. A macro can record keystrokes and mouse clicks but not mouse movements such as selecting words in documents.


7. A Mail Merge can only use the standard Outlook Contact fields like First Name and Address Block


8. What is the below box used for?



9. What is a file of Concorde?


10. When performing a Mail Merge; where does Word pull the information for the fields from?


11. Where are Form controls found on the Ribbon?


12. What is a bookmark?


13. When importingĀ information for a Mail Merge, some information may be missing.

How can you rectify the display of missing information during the Merge process?


14. Which Styles does a Table of Contents rely on to work?


15. Which of the following cannot be cross-referenced within your text?


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