Microsoft Word – Advanced

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1. When importingĀ information for a Mail Merge, some information may be missing.

How can you rectify the display of missing information during the Merge process?


2. Where are Form Field controlsĀ found?


3. Which of the following cannot be cross-referenced within your text?


4. Where are Form controls found on the Ribbon?


5. What is a bookmark?


6. A Mail Merge can only use the standard Outlook Contact fields like First Name and Address Block


7. Which Styles does a Table of Contents rely on to work?


8. A macro can record keystrokes and mouse clicks but not mouse movements such as selecting words in documents.


9. What is the below box used for?



10. What type of reference is used to create a Table of Figures?


11. Where can the insertion; deletion and creation of sub-documents be controlled?


12. To migrate Styles between documents, which process would you use?


13. When performing a Mail Merge; where does Word pull the information for the fields from?


14. What is a file of Concorde?


15. Which of the following is NOT available as a type of source for a citation?


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