Microsoft Outlook – Basic

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1. Where do we select to find emails that have just been received?


2. What does the Mail merge feature allow you to do?


3. Which add on would I have to install to read restricted emails?


4. I want to send my Calendar as an attachment with my calendar attachments; what do I need to do?


5. When we create a new message; why would I use the BCC option?


6. I haven’t been on my Outlook for a few weeks. What is the quickest method to view emails with attached items in one location?


7. Which Feature is part of Email Management?


8. I constantly receive spam from a particular recipient; what should I Do?


9. What recipients are populated into the Global Address List?


10. I flag a message for follow up; what happens to the follow up if I delete the message?


11. I have a weekly message I send to my department; what is the easiest way to select my recipients?


12. What is the primary difference between attaching a file and attaching an item?


13. How would you see your Managers Calendar on your Calendar pane as well as any adjustments that might happen?


14. I have a client in America; How do I populate His time zone onto my Calendar?


15. When assigned a Task; what are you unable to do with the Task?


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