Microsoft Excel – Advanced

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1. What is the purpose of the SUMIFS formula


2. Which is the correct structure for a IF statement


3. What is the purpose of a Pivot Table


4. What is the correct structure of the IFERROR formula?


5. What should the [Range_Lookup] in a VLOOKUP be, to return you an EXACT match from the table


6. What is the purpose of the SUMIF formula


7. What is a Macro


8. Can you combine more than 1 IF Statement together in a single cell


9. Can the numbers in a Pivot Table be converted to show the percentage they make of the total?


10. Can you have the data in a Pivot Table display the sum and average of the numbers?


11. What does a VLOOKUP do?


12. Can another formula e.g. AVERAGE be used inside a IF statement?


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