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Interviewing Skills (1 Day)

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Course content

Unit 1:   Fundamentals of interviews

Topic A:     Importance of interviewing skills

  •      A-1:            Identifying types of interviews
  •      A-2:            Understanding pre-employment testing

Topic B:      Success factors

  •      B-1:             Identifying success factors
  •      B-2:             Defining a job
  •      B-3:             Analyzing and defining the culture
  •      B-4:             Writing success factors
  •      B-5:             Using the Success Factor Worksheet
  •      B-6:             Finalizing success factors

 Unit 2:               Planning and preparing

Topic A:     Planning for an interview

  •      A-1:            Analyzing a candidate’s resumé
  •      A-2:            Identifying lead questions
  •      A-3:            Identifying sample lead questions
  •      A-4:            Planning an agenda
  •      A-5:            Customizing an interview

 Topic B:      Preparing for an interview

  •      B-1:             Preparing the office
  •      B-2:             Ensuring privacy
  •      B-3:             Identifying personality styles
  •      B-4:             Scoring your personality type

  Unit 3:               Handling and conducting

  Topic A:     Handling an interview

  •      A-1:            Identifying types of candidates
  •      A-2:            Understanding the importance of silence

   Topic B:      Conducting an interview

  •      B-1:             Opening the interview
  •      B-2:             Gathering information
  •      B-3:             Closing the interview
  •      B-4:             Taking notes
  •      B-5:             Identifying effective communication techniques

 Unit 4:        Evaluating and deciding

Topic A:     Evaluating a candidate

  • A-1:            Identifying types of bias
  • A-2:            Evaluating a candidate

Topic B:      Making a decision

  •    B-1:             Ranking a candidate
  •   Unit 5:         Following up

Topic A:     Following up after an interview

  •      A-1:            Finding the appropriate candidate
  •      A-2:            Identifying steps to follow up
  •      A-3:            Understanding self-evaluation


1 day
17 March 2017
8:00am - 5:00pm