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Module 1: Emotional Intelligence Works (2-days)

The “People Smart” approach of this course will help you improve relationships in business and social settings, stop wasting time and energy on negative emotions, manage emotions and communicate intelligently, and increase flexibility, enthusiasm, and teamwork. Emotionally “unsmart” people undermine their own happiness and success by wasting time on personality conflicts, complaining, and losing self-control when faced with tense and stressful situations. Learning the techniques to manage your reactions and raise your level of emotional intelligence will result in more positive and constructive relationships, and a more satisfying and productive life.

Module 2: Project Management (3 days)

Project management isn’t just for construction engineers and military logistics experts anymore. Today, in addition to the regular duties of your job, you are often expected to take on extra assignments and to get that additional job done well, done under budget, and done on time. This workshop is not intended to take participants from a supervisory or administrative position to that of a project manager. However, these three days will familiarize participants with the most common terms and the most current thinking about projects. Specific learning objectives include: o What is meant by a project. o What steps must be taken to complete projects on time and on budget. o How to sell ideas and make presentations. o Simple techniques and tools for planning and tracking your project. o Methods for keeping their team focused and motivated.

Module 3: The Business of Listening (1-day)

This course will show you how to become a better listener by demonstrating how your listening skills build either barriers or bridges. You will also learn ten steps to controlling emotional “hot buttons” and the impact of good listening skills on productivity. Most people think that the only message that will be heard is one of urgency, however in today’s fast-paced world even urgent messages are ignored. Becoming an active listener will help your productivity and success by helping you extract important details from every message.

Module 4: Goal Setting (1 day)

We all have things we want in life. The route to success is to take the things that we dream about and wish for, and turn them into reality. This one-day workshop will lead participants through thinking, planning, and taking action on the things they really want. They will learn ways to ensure that they get where they want to go in life. At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to: o Identify what’s important to them in their life o Use goal setting activities and appropriate language to articulate what they want out of life o Explain what their dreams and goals are for both the short and long term o Use motivating techniques to help them reach their goals o Understand how to deal with setbacks

Module 5: Conflict Resolution – Dealing with Difficult People (1 day)

Specific learning objectives include: o How their attitudes and actions impact others  New and effective techniques for dealing with difficult people o Coping strategies for dealing with difficult people and difficult situations o How to identify times when they have the right to walk away from a difficult situation o Techniques for managing and dealing with anger

‘Module 6: Business Etiquette (1 day)

Proper Business Etiquette impacts everyone within an organization. Learn to create a professional image, and use business etiquette techniques in a variety of business settings. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: o practice office protocol o use the Internet appropriately, resolve ethical dilemmas, and resolve personal issues in the workplace o use business etiquette in introductions, conversations, and meetings o use business etiquette in using the phone, e-mail, and written communications o use business etiquette at business functions o use business etiquette while traveling internationally

Module 7: Microsoft Project Basic & Advanced (2 days)

You need to gather information about the various tasks involved, resources required to accomplish the tasks, and the overall cost in order to plan a project. Microsoft® Office Project Professional 2010 acts as a tool that assists you in managing your projects. In this course, you will create and modify a project plan. This course is designed for a person who has an understanding of project management concepts, who is responsible for creating and modifying project plans, and who needs a tool to manage these project plans. You will create a project plan containing tasks, organize these tasks in a work breakdown structure containing task relationships, create and assign resources, and finalize the project to implement the project plan.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explore the Microsoft Office Project environment and the various views in which you can survey a project file.
  • Create a new project plan.
  • Manage tasks by organizing them and setting task relationships.
  • Manage resources for a project.
  • Work with views and tables and filter and sort data.

Microsoft® Project 2010: Advanced is the second course in the Microsoft Project 2010 series. In Microsoft® Project 2010: Basic you used your project management skills to create a complete project plan. The plans need to be updated and modified regularly to keep the project moving on track. This course will build upon the knowledge gained, and give you the opportunity to work with a project plan once it reaches the project implementation phase. This course is designed for a person who has an understanding of project management concepts, who is responsible for creating and modifying project plans, and who needs a tool to manage these project plans.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Manage and update the progress of a project.
  • Update and analyse and adjust a project plan.
  • Format a project plan using drawing and printing tools.
  • Manage multiple projects and exchange project data

Total Training Days: 13

Duration: +-8 months

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