As a provider of customer service in a technical field, you need to interact with customers to address their technical concerns. To do this effectively, you need to develop skills that will help you interact with customers in a positive and professional manner. In this course, you will apply important principles and skills you can use as a technical customer service representative.

Who is this course for?

Customer service professionals providing technical support or service, on-site or by way of call center or email.


  • Customer Service Skills


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • meet the customer.
  • diagnose the customer’s issue.
  • deliver solutions.

Course contents

Lesson 1: Meeting the Customer

  • Topic 1A: Be a “People Person”
  • Topic 1B: Represent Your Company
  • Topic 1C: Relate to the Customer

Lesson 2: Diagnosing Issues

  • Topic 2A: Deal with a Customer’s Misrepresentations
  • Topic 2B: Determine the Customer’s Need
  • Topic 2C: Troubleshoot the Customer’s Problem

Lesson 3: Delivering Solutions

  • Topic 3A: Finalize the Solution
  • Topic 3B: Educate the Customer
  • Topic 3C: Deliver Bad News
  • Topic 3D: Achieve Performance Standards
  • Topic 3E: Close the Contact

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